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Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking is something that people normally do in their everyday life. As a nurse, it is important to think critically so that one finds ways of overcoming some of the obstacles that might be met on the way. Every profession has its own challenges and they are only overcome if the individuals develop personal ways such as frequent studies and professional development. Professional development is achieved through test taking, acquiring additional skills as well as mentoring (Qin & Kong, 2015). This course was essential in making one develops the critical thinking skills as well as to develop a positive study habits that help in moving forward.

In this course, we learnt about identifying strengths and weaknesses for critical thinking, study habits and test taking strategies. Thus, I leant that individuals who have the critical thinking skills is associated with certain tendencies. The tendencies includes understanding and linking ideas, recognizing , building and appraising arguments. This makes an individual to overcome fallacies that might be met on the way. As a nurse, critical thinking entails determining the importance and relevance of arguments and ideas that helps in making a better decision. Moreover, those with critical thinking skills approaches problems in a consistent and systematic manner. However, those who lacks the ability are unable to put forward their argument and normally fails the test.

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Some of the best test taking strategies used in nursing includes gathering knowledge. Nurses must read many academic work that jogs their minds and challenge them to cement what they have learnt. This was an important part of the course because it challenged nurses to test themselves and believe in what they do. Additionally, listening and reading instruction is an important testing strategy that many people fail to score. Listening to the superiors and the instruction is paramount to any work that an individual might be engaged in. as a nurse, I must always read and challenge myself. Reading might also entail getting the instructions from the original source. This will help in overcoming the misleading information that one might get.

Identifying and implementing an organizational skill is key to any nurse who want to prosper in their undertakings., as a nurse, I understand that I must be organized to make things work for me and other people under me. This means that possessing organizational skills without their implementation is nothing. It is through organizational skills that one becomes aware of his or he rroles and expectations in efforts to meeting the assigned roles. This course was important to help us to identify the organizational skills that we have. All these are important for a nurse who want to prosper in his or her career.

In conclusion, the course was important to nurses. It helped in identifying our critical thinking skills, study habits and test taking strategies. Although some nurses don’t want to measure their competence, options are available that can help them cope with some of their challenges. Variety of test taking strategies are available at the disposal of the nurse to use. Moreover, the importance of organizational skills was evident in the course since it is one of the skills that determines the success of a nurse. Organizational skills is wider as it entails how the person presents himself or herself before the patient as well as the colleagues.

1. Qin, B., Kong, L. (2015). The effectiveness of problem-based learning on development of nursing students’ critical thinking: A systematic review and meta-analysis. International journal of nursing studies, 51(3), 458-46

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