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Critical Thinking Questions

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Diabetes causes the rise of either blood sugars or glucose this means the body is not making enough insulin. Different signs and symptoms may show one needs more medical attentions to address the issue. The paper discusses a scenario showing a 23 year old patient with diabetes with some f the clinical recommendations and treatments administered.

Question 1

Ms. G based on the scenario presented has the following clinical manifestations that are present; this includes; increase in temperature to 38.9oC and the left leg tends to get red. Fever is also present which has drastically increased the number of white blood cell. Increased inflammation that spreads all through from the ankle to knee then settles at the calf region.  These named manifestations give a go ahead that the patient needs treatment and the treatment hence forth should be monitored and continued.

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Recommendations will be; taking tests to determine the advancement of the limb infection for proper treatment. Treating the staphylococcus aureus with the use of antibiotics. Reduce glucose levels by considering optimum glycemic control since its common in patients affected by Ms. G (Mercola, 2017).

Question 2

The flexor hallucis, tibialis anterior muscles and the flexor digitorum longus are the most affect muscles group when it comes to Ms. G.

Questions 3

The subjective data displays pain while rest, numb limbs which is a sign of ischemia meaning, slow wound healing or no wound healing at all.  Such issues are caused by poor oxygen supply and other nutrient to this part of the body (Limb).  This will need care and monitored support for the patient to get well and avoid any possible future amputation based on the situation at hand.  The objective data will be based on the follow done and continued support given by family and doctors to foresee the prognosis.

Question 4

The numbness of the limb and also the chilling of the same limb are signs that signify Ischemia which is the poor supply of oxygen to a given part of the body. Offering the patient with optimum glycemic control will help in this case ( DiPietro, 2010).


Diabetes can be controlled based on its level, proper substantive education is required for a person to manage its intensity. In addition, it requires regular monitored attention to avoid high glucose levels which may reduce wound healing and future amputations. Proper medical checkups and follow up is recommended.

After being told to cancel out one of the medical waste by one of the presiding nurses, the other nurse was rather busy but did not disclose the information. Unethical behavior in different situations tends to determine how one can handle ethical dilemmas when issues arise. This is based on ones values and traits that were gained in accordance to the ethical principles, (American Nursing association, 2014).

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