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Smallpox Management

The eradication of smallpox is a major step towards the sustenance of health and well-being of humans. Nonetheless, in the instance that there is re-emergence of the ailment, there are diverse roles that infection prevention and control undertake to prevent the spread of the ailment. As such, there are well laid out plans of action towards ensuring that further spread does not prevail through various approaches.

Firstly, infection control and prevention would examine the situation and embark on public awareness program. Public awareness entails giving information on how people can keep themselves and their families safe (Henderson, et al., 2009). As such, among the various recommendations may be inclusive of giving smallpox vaccine to those exposed and at risk (Rotz, et al., 2008). Since the smallpox vaccine is easily accessible in accepted laboratories mostly in Russia and America, there will be focus on undertaking necessary steps to reduce exposure (Henderson, et al., 2009). Secondly, there will be the emphasis on ensuring that people stay at home and away from public places. As an airborne ailment, it will be imperative for people to stay in the comfort of their homes to minimize exposure risk (Halloran, et al., 2002). Thirdly, focus on provision of both medical support and minimization of ongoing sources of smallpox virus will prevail to ensure public safety.

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Apart from encouraging people to stay clear from crowded places, quarantine is a viable approach towards preventing people with smallpox from infecting others. As such, quarantine entails a period of mandatory isolation as medication is issued to the exposed individuals (Halloran, et al., 2002). The emphasis on quarantine is to ensure that the patients are away from the society and minimize the severity of the exposure. Therefore, the emphasis on prevention and control is towards necessitating an environment whereby public safety is of utmost importance and those exposed to smallpox get the right care and medication.

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