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Diabetes Type 2 Management in Adults

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Problem Statement

Management of Type 2 Diabetes is of massive importance to the people living with the problem as it fosters alleviation of the effects of the condition. However, relevant stakeholders have failed in terms of equipping patients with effective self-management skills (Ley et.al, 2014; Wilkinson, Whitehead & Ritchie, 2014). This leaves adults with Type 2 Diabetes at a high risk of suffering from the health effects of Type 2 Diabetes.

Research Question

How important is appropriate nutritional knowledge in improving self-management skills in adults with Type 2 Diabetes, and what is the best way to provide nutritional knowledge to the affected population?

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Patient Population and Problem

The population affected by the problem is adults living with Type 2 Diabetes. The adults in the research must be indulging in self-management of the disease, and no service giver is employed to provide care to the patient.


For the population, I would like to apply different self-management strategies that would increase the skills of the population towards managing Type 2 Diabetes. Also, observation of the importance of the applied strategy would be used to analyze the effectiveness of the proposed self-management technique. Nutritional and dietary instructions will be provided to the patients through a face to face model and then observe how the patients would apply the recommended management strategy.


After observation, the population would receive educational instruction on how to develop nutritional plans that would help manage their conditions more effectively. This may also include using digitalized educational models such as education through computers and mobile phones (Pal et.al, 2014; Wilkinson, Whitehead & Ritchie, 2014).


Poor management of adults with Type 2 Diabetes increases the morbidity associated with high blood sugar (Miller at.al, 2013). Enabling adults living with the condition self-manage the disease, the morbidity rates would decrease significantly.

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