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Patient Education Technology

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Introduction One of the elements and items that are at the center of the provision of modern healthcare is the education of patients. The significance of this aspect has been demonstrated using some diseases that present themselv...

Diet and Exercise Management Plan for a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes and History of Hypertension

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Pages · 4
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Chapter 1 Diabetes type 2 is a condition characterized by the insufficiency of the body to perceive glucose in the body especially due to resistance of insulin by the body receptors while hypertension is a condition of high blood...

Coping With a New Diagnosis

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Pages · 9
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Chapter 1 In the present day, the number of individuals being diagnosed with chronic illness continue to increase due to the changes in lifestyle that increase the risk of illness among individuals in the society (Megari, 2013). ...

Polyunsaturated Fats and Metabolic Syndrome

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Pages · 4
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Introduction The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is an outcome of compounding interactions among many risk factors including pro-inflammatory and prothrombotic state, impaired glucose tolerance, abdominal obesity, hyperinsulinemia, and...

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

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Pages · 10
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Research Question in PICOT Format In diabetic patients, what is the effectiveness of exercise and dietary glycemic control in preventing diabetes-associated complications as compared to the use of anti-hyperglycemic therapy? Popu...

Educational Event for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

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Pages · 11
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Clinical Reasoning Cycle Clinical reasoning is typically a process whereby professional nurses involve in the development of a distinct comprehension of a patients’ ongoing status and develop a constructive healthcare plan. Thi...

Education for Elderly Patients in Renal Failure

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Pages · 18
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Introduction The kidney’s main function is to eliminate waste materials, salt and fluid from the blood (Boronat et al., 2014). These mechanical processes are needed to ensure that the volume of various forms of fluid in the blo...

How the World of Medical Research Explain Clinical Death

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Pages · 29
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Introduction Although near-death experiences have been explained from the theological angles, there is a growing body of research presently emphasising the explanation of the near-death experiences. Particularly, Beichler (2017) ...