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Factors That Can Be Associated in a Complex Inheritance Health Issue

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Multiple genes may lead to how various traits are expressed. Normally, every gene either adds to or subtracts from a trait discretely. This is why it has been referred to as the complex processes because, in such distribution, few individuals in a population go overboard in terms of their character while most of the individuals may be average. People are not likely to inherit multiple factors acting similarly. Multifactorial inheritance leads to the common congenital irregularities and familial ailments (Mitchell, 2012). Such diseases with multifactorial inheritance are like hypertension, cleft palate, Type-II diabetes mellitus, and Arthritis. Some factors can be associated with the complex inheritance health issue, basically due to the nature of the complexity of the disorders and genetic composition.

One of the major factors is that the complex disorders have unusual inheritance patterns. Scientific studies have cataloged over 4000 diseases believed to be caused by an alteration of gene. However, most of these diseases have conditions that can be figured out easily. This is because they adhere to the true genetic laws after being inherited, and as such, it is easier to track them from one generation to the next (Nussbaum et al., 2016). Evidently, complex disorders are prevalent in families. Nonetheless, there are no definite rules that aid the scientists in explaining why some members of the family remain do not have disorders while others develop the disorders.

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The environmental factor is another issue in the complex inheritance health issue. The effects of genes are influenced by the lifestyle changes, and as such, there is a possibility of altering the manifestation of complex disorders (Talwar et al., 2016). The shift in the diet is an example of such changes which leads to complexities.

The view that the human genomes can be categorized into bases which are constant across the entire population and the polymorphic is another issue in the complex inheritance health issue. In the view, the logical sequence is that heritable phenotypic differences in a population ought to be as a result of certain combinations of polymorphisms that are inheritable (Talwar et al., 2016). This is, however, a wrong view that is an issue within the genetic inheritance as a whole genome sequencing indicates a different observation. Finally, identification of rare genetic mutations has caused issues in examining the genetic inheritance disorders. This is because they encompass numerous distinct genetic disorders caused by a single mutation.


In conclusion, numerous factors can be associated in a complex inheritance, and some of them are like environmental, unusual inheritance patterns and the view that human genome can be categorized into bases which are constant across the entire population and the polymorphic.

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