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Globesity and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

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A major reason as to why someone would suggest that fast food is addictive is the fact that a significant percentage of the global population is unable to give it up despite its known effects (Cengage Learning). Because of this it is logical for one to classify fast food as addictive as the definition of addictive is something one finds extremely difficult to stop doing once he/she has started. A study seeking to determine whether or not fast food is addictive reveled that there are three key reasons as to why it is addictive namely the ingredients that are present in the food, packaging and presentation and the characteristic of fast food consumers (Garber, & Lustig, 2011). A major ingredient in most fast foods is sugar which is a highly addictive substance. A study demonstrated that sugar offers addiction hallmarks in rodents (Garber, & Lustig, 2011). The research also revealed that fast food advertisements are structured to provide environmental cues that serve to trigger addiction. Lastly the study revealed that a significant percentage of fast food consumers are already overweight and a result have developed resistance to leptin, insulin and other hormones that control appetite (Garber, & Lustig, 2011).

Having young people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is quite harmful to the society and negatively affects its well being. This is because it leads to an increase in health care expenditure thereby robbing the society of resources that can be employed elsewhere. It also affects the future productivity of the society which hurts the economy.

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One effective strategy that the Chinese authorities can employ to combat obesity in the country is increasing the number of physical activity programs in schools and making it mandatory for students to engage in at least one (Peters, 2013). Another strategy they can use is the promotion of healthy living and eating practices through state organized campaigns. The campaigns can help educate the public on the dangers of obesity and promote healthy diets across the country.

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