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Medical Nutrition Therapy and Neurological Disease

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The research by Paolo & Rocco (2015) found that the medical nutrition therapy plays a major role in treatment and prevention of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is the neurological disorder that has direct effect on brain and spinal card. It directly affects the memory, behavior, and thinking of patients and generate various problems including weakness, numbness, tingling, and blurred vision.  It is found that the use of medical foods and medical nutritional approaches play a major role in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The research found that the healthy diet decreases the risk of multiple sclerosis and prevent people from the major neurological disorder. It is important to use healthy including high intake of sugar and low intake of fiber, increased dietary salt intake, cow’s milk proteins, and changes in vitamin D for prevention of multiple sclerosis (Paolo & Rocco, 2015).

National Multiple Sclerosis Society is the effective website that is providing useful information for multiple sclerosis prevention and treatment through eating healthy nutrition. The website shows that medical nutrition therapy is the significant disease management strategy for neurological disease and best health outcomes. A person should eat the right amount of healthy food for prevention of multiple sclerosis (National Multiple Sclerosis Society , 2017).

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Moreover, Healthline Media Inc. is leading organization that provides guidelines for treatment and prevention of multiple sclerosis through MNT. The organization has developed the effective approaches and provided complete guidelines for reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis through diet. It is a privately-owned provider of health information that shows that people use full-fat dairy, skip saturated fats, drop the diet drinks, take fruits, and use good nutrition for prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis (Treacy, 2017).


These three resources show that the nutrition plays a major role in reducing the risk of neurological disease. Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is the best therapeutic approach for treating and preventing different medical conditions and their associated symptoms through the use of a specifically tailored diet plan. The registered dietitians and professional nutritionists are involved in reducing the risk of neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis through providing effective diet plans. MNT play a significant role in prevention and treatment of diabetics and related complications such as multiple sclerosis.

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