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Schizophrenia Disease

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There has been varying discussions over schizophrenia with most families describing the situation as helpless. The National Institute of Mental Health describes the schizophrenia as a chronic mental condition that severely disables the brain. The condition affect men and women in equal measure, and is all over the world but is known to appear early in men than in women who are in their early twenties or late teens (Gruenberg, 1997). The symptoms mostly associated with the illness include sudden changes in behavior and perceptions, and disordered thinking that can even alter all completely damage one’s sense of reality.

It has been established that individuals suffering from the mental condition here voices that other people in their surroundings don’t, and thinking that somebody could be reading their mind or eve n plotting to harm them (Kahn, 1990). The net effect of these perceptions could be partial or complete withdrawal from the society and dramatic change in behavior.

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The Body

Symptoms associated with the disease appear first on individuals between 15-25 years of age, although it may appear later in some individuals. There has been a common misconception that people suffering from schizophrenia are fatally dangerous.  Not at all. In fact, when given the right treatment and support, few of them become aggressive.

Schizophrenia is an illness just like any other (Read, Haslam, Sayce & Davies, 2006). The perception of the condition being helpless should be dropped. Research is leading to newer, safer, and surer medications that have helped unmask the complex causes of the situation. Such medications, when used appropriately and regularly could help in a great way suppress the condition (Warner, 2013). Treatment of the condition should first start with us the affected, by accepting that one of us has been infected and giving them our moral and human support, rather than discriminating against and secluding them (Gottesman & James, 1982).

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