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What Cultural Considerations Are Important for You to Remember While You Interview MS. LI?

Language barrier is one of the cultural considerations to remember when interviewing Ms. Li. Among the Asian Americans, they use numerous primary languages and Ms. Li may not be proficient in English. If she is proficient, there is need to pay attention because her accent can make her statement incomprehensible. Her religious beliefs are another consideration. I should ensure that the questions I ask and statements I make do not contravene her religious beliefs and practices (Schoen, 2005). Also, I should consider the marital and family systems of Asian Americans. Although she has been abused, it is part of the Asian traditions that insist on such mechanisms of shame to reinforce proper behaviors (Schoen, 2005). Her Asian cultures might have favoritism towards men. It is also important to consider the Asian preferences of solving family conflicts. I should not engage in conversations that disregard her cultures. Additionally, I should avoid touching her. When checking for any injuries or signs of abuse, I should ask for her permission before touching any part of her body (Wilkins, 2005).

What Is the Abuse Assessment Screen?

It is a tool used by medical staff to detect abuse among pregnant women. The program is used by major medical organizations for detecting partner violence among adult women.  The tool comprises of multiple items that inquire about sexual, emotional, and physical abuse before and during pregnancy. Also, the items assess the frequency and severity of the abuse (Crimesolution.gov, 2011).

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If Abuse Is Discovered, What Should You Do?

If abuse is discovered, I would refer Ms. Li to a competent counselor so that she can receive the appropriate psychological help. Also, I would provide her with the appropriate treatment and care that would enable her to heal. If the extent of abuse is severe, I would request the client to cooperate and report the case to the authorities.

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