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Diagnosing and Treating Skin Wounds

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Wound care is the primary care required as part of treatment for injuries. It should be empathized to ensure speedy recovery. Lack of proper care for wounds can lead to severe infection that worsens their state. Before care is done on a wound, adequate diagnosis should be done. Diagnosis helps to establish the cause, the type, and the right medical involvement. The subsequent paragraphs delve on the types of wounds, wound care for the elderly, and prevention of injuries.

Diagnosing Skin Wounds in Frail Elders, While Differentiating Colonization and Infection

Wound assessment should be done carefully when dealing with elders because their skin is much more vulnerable as compared to that of younger people. The initial step is to establish the kind of wound that the patient suffers from before any intervention is undertaken (Chandler, 2017). The cause of the wound should also be noted before the process. The best approach to diagnose the wound is the use of x-rays. Fluoroscopy could also be used as it helps in the identification of any antibodies. Sometimes, for a more advanced diagnosis on older adults, it is recommended that ultrasound is used. These techniques transcend the physical examination, which sometimes do not reveal the real type of wound and its probable causes (Burr, 2012). Physical examination only captures what the eye can see. The eyesight is limited in many ways and need to be complemented by use of scanners for an adequate examination.

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More importantly, the use of machines in diagnosis of skin would help the medical team to establish if the wound is an infection or colonization. Infected wound is a wound with germs. The germs are dangerous because they make one sick. Sometimes, the disease could be as a result of some dangerous foreign materials lodged into the wound. Signs of infected wound include fever and pus. Conversely, colonization refers to a situation in which bacteria grows on the body without causing any infection (Welbeck, 2017). Colonization does not harm the patient and does not warrant treatment by the use of antibiotics.

Type of Skin Wound; Abrasion

Abrasion is a significant type of skin wound, which occurs when the skin is scrapped off as a result of scratching on a hard surface. It is one of the common forms of wound (Bryant & Nix, 2016). Everyone is at risk of getting the wound. It can occur as a result of one taking a fall from a bicycle or motorcycle on a high speed. Abrasion ranges from mild to severe depending on the intensity and spread of the abrasion. Extreme forms of abrasion are referred to as road burn or road rush. They can be extremely painful especially if one falls from a fast moving motorcycle. In some instances, scarring can occur if there are deep abrasions.

Treating and Dressing Abrasion Based on Guidelines for Treatment

Treatments of wounds differ depending on the wound. For abrasion, it is essential to cleanse the wound with regular tap water to put at bay any foreign materials. If possible, use of soap to clean the wound is highly encouraged. If the wound is suspected to have too much foreign objects flushing with syringes or use of surgical debridement to remove such materials or any dead tissues is recommended.

Proper wound care should never be overlooked. It helps eliminate infection which can worsen the state of wound or even lead to amputation. Anti-inflammatory medicine should be used because abrasion may cause severe tissue inflammation (Peate & Glencross, 2015). Use of painkillers is highly encouraged to keep the pain away. The risk of attracting tetanus is always a possibility with abrasion wounds. Consequently, tetanus jab is required to avert the risk of contracting tetanus. Finally, the wound should be treated by use of local antibiotics to prevent wound infection which can be devastating. The wound should be dressed daily to keep it clean and away from germs that may slow down the healing process.

Factors That Might Contribute to the Development of Abrasion

Fall from an accident mainly causes abrasion. It occurs when one falls off a speeding motorcycle, fall while running, or hits hard on a sharp object. Abrasion is common form of wound, which explains why strategies need to be in place to reduce its prevalence. Taking extra caution is a primary way of preventing this type of wound. People need to scan their environment and understand the types of hazards that loom large (Chandler, 2017). When riding, people should avoid high speed as  it increases the chances of losing balance and falling off leading to abrasion. Safety demands that one wears protective gear such as head gear, riding jacket, and gloves while cycling. It reduces the risk of abrasion should one fall off. The government has a role to play in guaranteeing the safety of its people too. It should have dedicated cycling lanes as part of its road infrastructure design.  Markedly, cycling lanes helps to reduce cases of accidents that might lead to abrasion. Awareness campaigns on the need for safety on the roads will also aid people in taking caution.

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