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The research article, “Exposure of Nursing Staff to Radiation in the Operating Room: A Descriptive Study,” is a quantitative and descriptive study which was conducted by interviewing the nurses who worked for over a year in the operating rooms. The data collected was descriptively analyzed whereby mathematical statistical analysis was used. During the analyses mean and percentages of the collected data was calculated. This gave various results of the data which was presented in the result section of the article (Querido & De Brito Poveda, 2015).

Quantitative and qualitative research designs provide different ways through which the data is analyzed. In data analysis, quantitative research main purpose is to quantify data and therefore, the main focus for its data analysis is statistical whereby the data is presented in the form of tables (Mark & Caputi Peter, 2001). On the other hand, Qualitative data analysis is non-statistical in nature whereby the analysis is influenced by the concrete materials at hand (McCusker, 2015). Whereby its main focus is to gain an understanding of different factors and situations that influences the materials collected and what can be done to manipulate the given situation. In this case, the analysis focuses on providing some insights on how to handle a given problem (Kalra, Pathak, & Jena, 2013).

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The main objective of this study was to establish on the extent at which the nursing staff were being exposed to radiation. From the interviews conducted and the analyses of the data, it was established that nurses working in the surgical center has indeed been exposed to radiation. From the study, it was concluded that the main factor that contributed to the radiation exposure was the fact that the radiological protection standards were not being enforced strictly by the institution. In order to solve the problem of the radiation exposure, it is important to conduct another study that aims at investigating on the reasons that causes laxity in improving radiological protection standards.

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