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Strategies to Facilitate the Adoption of This New EMR System

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The introduction of the new ERM system is facing resistance both from the physicians and the nursing staff, because he physicians believe that the do not have timed to learn the new system, while the nursing staff are worried that if introduced, the physicians will leave the hospital.  There are different strategies that can be applied to manage the resistance to change by the physicians and the nursing staff. First, the resistance by these medical personnel can be effectively addressed through creating a sense of urgency in the change introduction (Kotter, 2012). Creating a sense of urgency is an effective strategy, because it creates the sense that the introduction of the new change is the only option available, while at the same time showing the medical personnel that the aspirations of the organization that must be met through immediate introduction of the new ERM system. When change is introduced within an organization without showing the management team and the employee that the change is needed urgently, the introduction of change is likely to fail (Kotter, 2012).

The other strategy that can be applied to overcome resistance to change and enhance the acceptability of the new ERM in the organization is building a strong guiding team, which must ensure to recruit the physicians and the nursing leaders (Sharma, 2007). When the leaders are not part of the change team or are not supporting the change, there are high likelihoods that such change will fail. The creation of the change team must not only focus on the leaders, but also seek to recruit other people within the organization, for example the departmental heads as well as other highly knowledgeable people from among the employees (Kotter, 2012). The creation of a strong team serves to motivate even the other people within the organization who are opposed to the change. It even helps to recruit the people who are strongly resisting the introduction of change and have them lead the change process from the frontline (Creasey & Hiatt, 2003).

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Creating a sensible vision is another major strategy that can go a long way in facilitating the introduction of the new ERM system in the organization. Creating a vision is necessary to ensure that adequate framework that guides, aligns and inspires the people within the organization to adapt change is available (Kotter, 2012).  Additionally, the creation of a sensible vision ensures that the change process is first visualized from all dimensions, even from the change resistance dimension, and the appropriate strategies for countering the resistance put in place, well in advance (Sharma, 2007). Without a clear vision that perceives the change from a 360 degrees perspective, any slight difficulty emanating from the change process can amount to insurmountable discord with the employees (Kotter, 2012). Thus, to avoid falling into the trap of unending disagreements with the employees and other parties touched by the change, it is very necessary to formulate a sensible vision and predict all the possible change dimensions, before the change can be finally introduced (Creasey & Hiatt, 2003).

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