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The Importance of EOC in Healthcare Sector

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The literature review “end of life care in the UK critical care units” by Jane Morgan is a well-researched work that has explored the nature of ELC in UK-based care units more profoundly. The study has strived to provide an in-depth understanding of the ELC in care units for an individual associated with the field, in one way or the other. The review has also tried to explore the legal, ethical, political, and societal aspects brought by the ELC. The understanding of the roles that the nurses play in ELC is well defined, and it has focused on the aim of providing a clear understanding of how to improve the ELC.

Significant professions worldwide seemed to have been incorporated in the review. Jane Morgan proceeds to explain profoundly that the ELC has been influenced tremendously by deep-seated cultural and religious views to help support and promote their course independent of the already existing guidelines. To a broader extent, the reasoning in the review is critical when applied in various areas of professionalism in the healthcare sector. In my profession as a registered nurse, for instance, centering on regions that channel diverse ideologies based on informing the masses (experts included), on how to improve the sustainable ELC in the critical care units. As far as it goes, the improvements made through ELC epistemology to enhance delivery of ELC has bored fruits in a broader perspective. The society though deserves information concerning how the patients in the care units need not be treated differently from other patients in other facilities.

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In the review, she, however, has reasons as to why the research was based primarily on the UK while excluding other countries because of the differences in the law. The exclusion, in my opinion, was disadvantageous. Worldwide comparisons and case studies would have assisted the world led professionals in healthcare space in finding better ways of enhancing situations experienced in care units world over through incorporation.

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