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PICOT Statement: Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Subject: Medicine
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Topics: Diabetes, PICOT
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Part 1: Background Question

Are Complementary and alternative medicine therapies more effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type two that western medicine?

Strategy for Getting a Comprehensive Understanding of the Clinical Issue

According to Piero, Nzaro, & Njagi (2014), diabetes refers to a condition when the human body is unable to produce sufficient insulin to contain the blood sugar levels in the body. As a result, there is a rise in the blood sugar levels (Menke, Casagrande, Geiss, Cowie, ). To get more information about this clinical issue, I will consult primary and secondary sources of information. The primary sources are doctors, care providers, patients, and family members who take care of these patients at home. To collect information from the primary sources, I will carry out brief semi-structured face-to-face interviews with the primary sources to get firsthand information. To achieve this, I will prepare short questionnaires with both closed-ended and open-ended questions. While the closed-ended questions will help me get direct answers, the open-ended questions will enable me to get in-depth information since through them, the interviewees will give detailed information about this clinical issue (Creswell, 2014).

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Besides the primary sources, I will use secondary sources such as books and peer-reviewed journals to get more information about this clinical issue. To ensure that I get accurate and reliable information, I will consult reliable databases including EBSCOhost, JSTORE, and PROQUEST. The secondary sources will equip me with background information, for example, the number of people affected by diabetes mellitus type II, diagnosis method, and common prevention and treatment strategies.

Part 2: PICOT Question and The Variables

In young adults patients with type II diabetes mellitus (P), are Complementary and alternative medicine therapies (I) more effective than the conventional Western medicine (C) in the reduction of high blood sugars (O) to healthy levels within a period of 12 months (T)?

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2. Menke, A., Casagrande, S., Geiss, L., & Cowie, C. C. (2015). Prevalence of and Trends in Diabetes Among Adults in the United States, 1988-2012. JAMA, 314(10), 1021-1029.

3. Piero, M. N., Nzaro, G. M., & Njagi, J. M. (2014). Diabetes mellitus – a devastating metabolic disorder. Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(40), 1-7.

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