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February 01, 2023
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Top 150 Nursing Research Topic Ideas for 2023

Nurses are at the front of patient care, and as such, their work can have a profound impact on public health. While nursing constantly evolves, some nurses dedicate themselves to research to advance the profession. Whether you are looking for nursing research topics for school, education, or research purposes, NursingPaper is here to help you with your needs for research topic ideas. We have gathered 150 different topics for nursing research paper to use to develop your career.

Nursing Research Topics for Students

Nursing topics for research papers can vary depending on your interests and the subjects available to you in your program. As an aspiring student nurse, selecting the right nursing research topic is crucial in writing a successful paper. When choosing a nursing research topic as a student nurse, the topic needs to be interesting, relevant, original, and meaningful.

  • Cardiovascular diseases associated with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
  • Care for patients with end-stage congestive heart failure
  • Pharmacology treatment for sickle cell anemia
  • Nursing treatment methods for patients with Clostridium difficile
  • Nursing care for a patient with increased intracranial pressure
  • Assessment of patients after a cerebral vascular accident
  • Communication techniques for trauma victims
  • Importance of communication with physicians using the SBAR technique
  • Dietary changes for patients post cholecystectomy
  • Importance of patient education on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet
  • Oxygen treatment for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Importance of engaging clinical nurses in patient discharge education
  • Clinical assessment of a patient with non-verbal autism
  • Nursing care for a patient with benign prostate hypertrophy in the hospital setting
  • Importance of assessing the quality of intravenous lines before use
  • The negative impact of artificial nails in the critical care environment
  • The effects of low-quality charting systems on patient care
  • Distinguishing migraine symptoms from stoke symptoms in the emergency room
  • Assessing alcohol withdrawal and providing ordered treatments
  • Assessing the mental health of patients with schizoaffective disorders
  • Urinary catheter care in elderly patients
  • Research on the use of maggots for wound care treatments
  • Effectiveness of soothing music for people with dementia
  • Research measures that are taken to prevent falls in nursing homes
  • Preventing medication errors in long-term care centers
  • Methods to triage patients in a crisis situation
  • Cultural differences in end-of-life care of patients
  • Life-saving measures for patients having a myocardial infarction
  • Research methods of inducing pregnancy
  • Pain scales for non-verbal patients

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Quantitative nursing research topics rely on statistical data that can be measured and depends on numbers to provide a conclusion. When creating quantitative nursing research paper topics, exploring ideas that hold measurable data is critical. Exploring scenarios with a quantitative focus includes exploration into the relevant subject matter. Regarding nursing, research topics that capture measurable metrics can often be the most illuminating – from examining patient outcomes under different treatments or exploring trends within demographics. Whatever the focus, applying statistical analysis through quantitative nursing research methods opens up exciting opportunities for discovering topics in clinical practice!

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment for COVID-19 in third world countries
  • Research effects of second-hand smoke on children under 13
  • Distress in patients with undertreated pain postoperatively
  • Impact on patient satisfaction with staffing additional certified nursing assistants
  • Nutritional deficiencies in underserved communities
  • Immunity development of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding
  • Effects of mandatory re-assessment of pain after receiving opioids
  • Barriers to pain management in chronic pain patients
  • Effectiveness of sedation on patients with intra-aortic balloon pumps
  • Effects of standing orders on immediate post-operative coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  • Evaluation of assessment levels of patients with absent seizures
  • Recognizing signs of increased intracranial pressure in sedated patients
  • Amount of hospice patients in the emergency department that could have been avoided
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome evaluation in intubated patients
  • Effects of COVID-19 hospital readmission on hospitals
  • Cross infections of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus between patients in shared rooms
  • Cross infections of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus between patients with a shared nurse in separate rooms
  • Infections postoperatively in relation to hospital stay length
  • Time from door to Cardiac Cath Lab during a myocardial infection and patient outcomes
  • Communication between nurses and doctors and its effects on patient care
  • Doctor communication with patients and its impact on patient readmission rates
  • Patient injuries related to restraints in long-term care
  • Effectiveness of medicated restraints on patients versus physical restraints
  • Fall-related patient injuries due to low nurse staffing levels
  • Patient outcomes with early cardiac rehabilitation after myocardial infarction
  • Intraabdominal pressure assessment quality in the intensive care unit
  • Recognition of early stroke symptoms in the emergency room
  • Level of preparedness for emergency cesarean needs
  • Efficacy of a rapid response team during an emergency
  • Benefits of role clarity during a Code Blue event
nursing research paper topics

Qualitative Research Topics in Nursing

Unlocking complex truths behind nursing issues is possible through qualitative research topics. When writing about qualitative research topics in nursing, you should know that these topics are used to explore real-world problems. Qualitative nursing research uses concepts that explore profound insights into issues using personal accounts. Instead of using statistical data and numbers, it makes for interesting nursing research topics as it focuses on words and meanings. This research topic will account for and document how people think or respond in a particular setting. It offers an opportunity to understand human behaviors from unique perspectives.

  • Effects of patient care in facilities that hire a high percentage of travel nurses
  • Cause and effects of nurse burnout
  • Ethical considerations of the dying patient in the hospital setting
  • Nurse compassion fatigue in the critical care setting
  • Substance use disorder in nurses
  • The perspective of patient families in palliative care
  • Assistance in developing care plans for family caregivers
  • Education needs for patients in hospice
  • Patient understanding of controlling asthma triggers
  • Efficacy of water drinking education for pregnant women
  • Quality of care for patients who receive an abortion
  • Effects on patient moods with pet therapy
  • Quality control of assessing patients through telehealth
  • Research challenges of managing chronic disease outpatient
  • Accuracy of information received from paramedics to the emergency department
  • Cultural barriers to care
  • Light therapy for seasonal affective disorder
  • Differences between home health care and long-term care
  • Ethical dilemmas of physician-assisted suicide
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder in nurses who work in areas of high trauma
  • Non-pharmacological pain methods
  • Achieving better healthcare in low-income areas
  • Effectiveness of hand sanitizer versus hand washing in the hospital setting
  • The use of fabric facemasks by healthcare professionals
  • How management goals affect patient care
  • Developing care plans for the dying patient
  • Strategies for developing diet plans for diabetic patients
  • Understanding concepts in working during a crisis scenario
  • Using spiritual care in healthcare
  • Holistic care for oncology patients

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

Evidence-based practice allows nurses to stay up-to-date on the most reliable information for providing optimal care. Evidence-based practice is reviewing, analyzing, and translating the latest clinical evidence. These nursing research topics involve the best and most current topics for patient practice. Evidence-based practice is considered the gold standard of medical care when treating patients. In today’s ever-advancing medical landscape, healthcare workers must utilize this research topic for patient treatment to achieve successful outcomes.

  • Intravenous catheter sizes for blood products
  • Infection control of the COVID-19 patients
  • Oxygen tanks versus generators for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Oral care and ventilator-associated pneumonia
  • Use of personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of diseases
  • Urinary catheter care to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections
  • Use of sequential compression devices to prevent deep vein thrombosis
  • Early mobilization of post-surgical patients
  • Reducing alarm fatigue in the critical care setting
  • Use of adjunct therapy to opioids
  • Preventing obstruction after abdominal surgery
  • Burnout prevention in nurses
  • Early treatment in sepsis to reduce mortality rates
  • Use of sterile aseptic technique for changing central line catheters
  • Reduced patient-to-nurse ratios to prevent poor outcomes
  • Utilizing suicide scaling upon hospital admissions
  • Comfort care in end-of-life treatments
  • Alcohol as a treatment for severe withdraw
  • Diagnostic CT scan before TPA treatment
  • Preventative skin barrier treatment for pressure ulcer protection
  • Sepsis prevention protocols
  • Standardized discharge planning and documentation
  • Statin therapy after myocardial infarction
  • Daily bed baths for patients in critical care units
  • 2 hours turn schedule in pressure ulcer prevention
  • Use of SBAR communication technique
  • Different colored gowns for suicide ideation patients
  • Hourly checks on patients to prevent falls
  • Fluid bolus treatment for septic patients
  • Prevention techniques for medically inducing labor

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatric care is a popular nursing research paper topic. It offers many possibilities for exploring nursing science to improve care for children and adolescents. Pediatric nursing requires special training and certifications to care for children, and thus makes a great topic choice for nursing research. Nursing research delves into this exciting topic, exploring various techniques to ensure kids receive quality healthcare from those with special training and certifications in their caring work.

  • Ethical treatment of pediatric patients with cancer
  • Strategies for treating children who are malnourished
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurements in children
  • Techniques for rejuvenating newborns
  • Preventing childhood obesity
  • Pediatric services in low-income areas
  • Antibiotic treatment in toddlers
  • Childhood vaccination correlation with autism
  • Pet therapy for hospitalized children
  • Treating pain in young children
  • Asking pediatric patients about drug and alcohol use
  • Protecting pediatric patients from COVID-19
  • Communicating with pediatrics
  • Emotional awareness of pediatric oncology patients
  • Hypothermia treatment adolescence
  • Drowning prevention in children
  • Effects of bullying on mental health in adolescence
  • Common causes of new-onset seizures in children
  • Recognizing child abuse in the emergency department
  • Anaphylactic reactions in school-aged kids
  • Pain management in non-verbal children
  • Ethical considerations of pediatric patients in hospice
  • Care for the pediatric patient with Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Work-related stressors while caring for sick children
  • Music therapy for pediatric patients
  • Emotional maturity in sick children
  • Reducing the stress of the pediatric patient
  • Caring for grieving parents
  • Comprehensive workup for a child with breathing complications in the emergency room
  • Psychology issues of the chronically ill pediatric patient and family members

NursingPaper offers services that help you to choose and write research topics for the required papers in your education program. Nursing students have a lot of opportunities to write nursing research papers and improve their skills on specific topics. Selecting one of these nursing research topics allows you to narrow your field of study and learn more about a particular issue. With NursingPaper, nursing students have a chance to excel in their studies and sharpen their skills!

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