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Health Initiative Proposal

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Healthy living is a core feature of this company and therefore we have decided to come up with an initiative that certainly will change the operations of this company. This initiative aims to facilitate health and productivity in the company. In addition, the initiative does not only aim to benefit the workers but also the company through increased productivity as elaborated below. The proposed initiative is a weight loss and obesity prevention program. While requesting financial resources to drive the campaign, this memo will also give a comprehensive description of the initiative, provide a proposed budget for the program and finally outline the benefits that the company will enjoy because of the initiative.

As previously mentioned, the proposed initiative is a weight loss and obesity campaign. Obesity is a worldwide concern with a substantial number of employees having been classified as obese or having overweight problems. The initiative targets all the 120 company employees but special attention will be given to be overweight and obese employees. The initiative is also open to outsiders who may wish to participate. It is long term and will be subject to review on an annual basis.  In addition, fitness and health education will be provided and will operate as per the schedule created. The program will be driven and monitored by qualified and professional human resource. The overweight and obese employees will be encouraged and helped in reducing their weight through the help of the program and the instructors that will be hired. In addition, learning programs about healthy living will be offered. Further, to encourage the employees, prize money will be given to the employee with the lowest drop in weight.

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Proposed budget

The program proposed budget includes expenses accruing from human resource payroll, the machines, equipment, and incentives, a rental building. The initiative proposes to hire a medical practitioner who will monitor the participants, two instructors and a caretaker who will be in charge of the rental facility. They will be paid on a monthly basis. The machines and equipment will include medical equipment’s as advised by the doctor, fifteen treadmills, and ten stationery bikes, skipping ropes, exercise balls and entertainment. Incentives will include prize money and other daily incentives to encourage the participants. A proposed location is yet to be identified however it will be one that will be convenient to most of the staff. In addition, the initiative will maintain a suggested amount of money for other additional expenses as they may arise. Attached is a copy of the proposed budget.

Sources of funding.

The key donor will be the company however other stakeholders will be invited. In specific advertisement will be carried out in the local newspapers and TV to attract participants who will have to pay a mandatory registration fee plus monthly payments. This being a noble idea other corporate sponsors will be welcome on board to facilitate the initiative. The amount contributed by the company employees will be subsidized to encourage participation.

The initiative plans on setting out rigid financial regulations to manage finances.  To ensure long-term initiative, several other strategies will be put in place. For instance, a proposed accountable framework will be created to assess the financial progress in the program. In addition, documentation of all financial activities will be mandatory to account for expenses and other monetary transactions. The company also stands to secure savings in terms of increased employee productivity. Improved health and wellness of the workers will be translated positively in their productivity. In addition, the initiative will improve company-community relationship, as services are also open to the community. This will improve the company’s image

Benefits to the company

Medical management and other programs designed to cater for weight loss and obesity have been seen to improve the lifespan of many individuals and leads to improved productivity from the workers in a company. Overweight and obesity has been seen to lead to health and economic problems (Rowan & Harishanker, 2014). Therefore, the European Community commission suggests that workplaces provide a setting with good potential for the promotion of health and prevention of diseases. It is therefore based on this notion that the company strives to revolutionize its work environment. As stated earlier, health and productivity are two related concepts. Companies have a chance to foster both concepts for the benefit of the company, employees and the community using well initiated corporate programs or initiatives. A survey conducted in a countrywide representative study shows that while some majority of the companies do little to promote workers health, only a 7% of the companies surveyed offer a comprehensive program (Davis, et al, 2005). By the company undertaking this initiative it expects higher job satisfaction, reduced absentees, productivity, lower health costs and higher employee retention. Chapman, (2003) outlines that working out and healthy living accounts to 25% decrease in sick leave, employee compensation, and finally results to a health plan and disability insurance in companies with health and wellness programs.

This will be the first initiative in the organization. As seen in the examples given, the initiative is attached to benefits that are efficient for the company. This benefits include improved productivity and performance, happier employees, community building (the company forms a beneficial relationship with the company), reduced healthcare costs and enhanced physical fitness (Schneck, 2016).


In conclusion, employee health affects the company’s productivity. Implementing a program that improves the health of the employee at a reasonable price is a key to improve a company’s health. In addition, it reduces other health related expenses such as health care costs for the company. The budget allocated is comprehensive and its performance is to be reviewed on a yearly basis. The initiative will also facilitate a good relationship between employees and with the community as well. This helps position the company positively within the society.

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