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Health Promotion Plan For Dealing With Unemployment

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Part 1

Unemployment was highlighted as one of the social determinants of health by the world health organization (WHO). The state of unemployment globally has brought about a number of challenges to the health of individuals. The specific group that is mainly affected by the social determinant is the youth. With the increase in population, the youth face a lot of unemployment because they are unable to keep up with the heightened competition for the few job opportunities there. They are thus forced to turn to unhealthy lifestyle measures, as they do not have enough money to fend for themselves (Areti, 2012).

Unemployment brings about lack of funds, which in turn brings out a number of risk factors. The unemployed majority are prone to indulgence in unhealthy lifestyles as well as engaging in social vices as they try to earn a living. Thus, they find themselves having poor diets because they cannot afford expensive foodstuff. A study done in Poland on unemployment risks found that the unemployed individuals’ mortality rate is higher than that of the unemployed. This could be because lack of jobs gives them a lot of free time to engage in unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking and smoking which damages the liver and lungs respectively. Unemployed individuals are also at higher risk of susceptibility to mental health issues as well as cardiovascular risks presented due to the stressful conditions they have to live in when they face financial insecurity. Mental health is crucial because conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders could lead to suicide and at times substance abuse (Milner, 2014).

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The government could aid in prevention of these cases by encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the youth whereby they are taught to create job opportunities for themselves and others like them (Drydakis, 2015). They are taught to engage in more productive activities such as community service or volunteer for the various opportunities around them. The government could also support talent and activities that aid in reduction of unemployment in the country. At times, raising the prices of drug substance and alcohol could make it more inaccessible to the youth. Promotion of wellbeing is important so that the youth are taught to foster positive attitude and thoughts that would make it easier for them to reduce diseases and disorders that compromise mental health in people. The youth should be exposed to positive ways to channel their energies instead of engaging in social vices. The government cannot do much to aid them in the issues they face but creation of channels where they can receive medical services faster and easier so that they can be able to live healthy lifestyles. It would also do a lot of good if they could lower the living standards of individuals so that people can have an easier time purchasing healthy foodstuff. Promotion of supportive environment would also play a great role in the reduction of unemployment. This means that individuals could receive quality education and are given all the right conditions, they could reduce cases of joblessness. Health education would reduce substance abuse and improve their state.

Part 2

This health promotion plan leans towards the addressing of unemployment to relate a solution for this problem. Thus, the goal of the plan is to directly address the issue at hand and come up with solutions to international unemployment that will lead to improvement of health in the societies of today. If we could work towards creation of public policies working towards unemployment protection, we could progress together by ensuring that the unemployed are helped and can fend for their daily needs. One of the major benefits of employment promotion policies is that they uphold unemployment protection. Unemployment protection involves providing the unemployed with their basic needs to ensure reduction in social vices as well as health crises.  Employment promotion schemes are beneficial in that they introduce employment insurance schemes such that when one loses their job, they are still able to fend for themselves and their families. These schemes are able to ensure fending for families for a certain period of time before the individual can get another job. This will greatly reduce unemployment in the public and raise the living standards of people in the given region. Disadvantaging individuals because they do not have the financial security to afford healthcare services is unfair.

Creation of unemployment protection schemes as well as employment protection policies could aid greatly in the lives of workers due to economic restructuring and reforms. In addition to this, the approach of social equity whereby wealth is redistributed back to the public so as to ensure security to minimum wage workers. When we look that the aspects addressed at the Ottawa Charter, you find that we need to build health public policies. These policies were created back in 1986 but are still of relevance today because they speak of means that are important internationally due to their relevance in health promotion. The goal of the Ottawa Charter was to create health for all.

The goal of this plan, on the other hand, is to create health equity where by medical services are available to everyone in the general public. Individuals should have an easier time because they should have the power to control determinants, which surround their environment and the health that they require to attain quality life. If health services were provided equally to everyone, including the unemployed, individuals would be able to reduce the mortality rate greatly. The principles that were established during the Ottawa Charter are still of use today, because if we wish to attain the goal of health promotion, we will need to incorporate health equity as well as social equity because all individuals require health services whether they can afford it or not. Thus, the principles created, apart from impacting health policies everywhere are also important in providing emphasis and encouraging protection for the unemployed individuals today. This help individual from all walks of life to access medical services which will in turn benefit them in their day to day lives.

Part 3

Among all continents of the world, unemployment benefits are gaining recognition as people are becoming more aware of the importance of introduction of unemployment protection and what it can do for the people in those countries, continents and world at large. We can look at the importance of the unemployment benefit schemes on individuals. Majority of unemployment benefit programs are designed to cover workers in formal employments who lose their jobs and find themselves temporarily unemployed. This funding enables them to come up with means for survival before they can get another job. Though there are countries with unemployment benefit for people who have not had formal employment or rather the under employed individuals. This scheme can play a key role in improving economies and labor markets. If we could protect individuals without jobs, enable them to access health services, and gain basic needs, you find that the economic status of the whole country is affected as well as improve the mortality rate and the health status of all. This reflects greatly in the financial stability of all individuals.

Institution of policies that enable youth to get employment faster and easier is preferably encouraging so that individuals can be able to access employment and earn wages and salaries so that they can be able to take care of themselves and can be able to access quality medical services. It is hard for individuals to be able to concentrate on emergence and expansion of youth employment opportunities in highly populated areas. This mostly occurs in developing countries, or rather, third world countries. Introduction of privatized enterprises and creation of government jobs so that the youth can gain employment will bring about a lot of benefit to the health care facilities. These facilities will bring about global progression, which will

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The country would also benefit from the implementation of programs that aid the unemployed individuals in the society (Herbig, 2013). Programs that promote youth employment, social security, health services and human rights empower the country at large. Youth employment reduces health related issues such as disease spread and constant hospitalization. This is because individuals can afford to take healthy foodstuff and engage in activities that keep them healthy such as exercise. They also do not feel the need to engage in drug abuse as they have no mental health issues and find comfort in their significant situations because they face financial security.

These are the reasons why it is important to implement the programs that will aid the unemployed individuals that need to assess the basic health facilities as well as lead healthy lifestyles. That is what I would say is the goal of the plan, creating ways which we can be able to influence the social determinants of health and decreasing social stratification which increases the vulnerability of the disadvantaged people. It is hard to achieve social justice that creates the health inequity issues present (Unemployment protection, 2017). Social stratification compromises population health and provision of health services to the public. Thus strengthening community action, creation of a supportive and encouraging environment as well as suitable health policies for the unemployed citizens are the main goals for health promotion for the unemployed persons.

When evaluating how well the program is able to achieve its goals, there are a number of things we should look at. First, evaluations are taken for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include judgement of the usefulness of the program and effectiveness of its conductivity in the areas it is implemented in. It is also important to conduct evaluation so as to determine the degree of effectiveness of a project as well as examine the accomplishment of any investment. If we wish to learn the effectiveness of the health promotion plan, then we need to evaluate its effectiveness as well as its accomplishment by the use of several methods (O’Higgins, 2015).

Conducting a quality and quantity analysis. This means that we can observe the quality of the implementation of service and people’s reaction to the plan given. Positive approaches and reactions towards the plans given are very encouraging as they bring about a sense of correctness in procedures undertaken to ensure individuals can easily engage in activities that support the implementation of the plan. Qualitative analysis deals with numbers, where by individuals are counted to show how many are in support of the continuation on the plan. Qualitative analysis involves the increase in the functioning ability of the system of governance. This method of evaluation is most effective because it encourages people to point out where they find mistakes and where they can make prior improvements to the various categories that present themselves through this qualitative and quantitative analysis is important (O’Higgins, 2001).

The methods are combined to get a stronger approach as well as improving the various criteria’s that are in need of strengthening. This will help in making adjustments easier and more efficient to facilitate various field. These evaluations come a long way in improving the condition of implementation of the plan thus it is necessary to ensure that individuals feel safe and at home conducting in.  Activities that make them reliable are normally inclusive for acknowledgement of mistakes. Taking responsibility and accepting correction is important to everyone at large. We need to participate actively in the struggle to fight or rather even out the social determinants of the health promotion plan (De Andarede, 2015).

In conclusion, you find that there is need in conducting the various activities as well as drawing out a suitable plan that will be acceptable to all individuals whether the implementation of the plan will affect these individuals directly or not. Tus you find that there is great importance in the various activities that are to support and encourage services that aim towards creating international stability and peaceful, economically healthy environments. Though there are many advantages and disadvantages every project thus there is need for observation of which project has good that overweighs the bas so as to enhance smooth implementation of all the beneficial factors of the health promotion plan.

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