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Introduction of Hospice/Palliative Care in a Medical Skilled Unit

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Organizational/ Department Change The problem, inefficiency, or issue within some of the medical units in hospitals relate to the lack of palliative care/hospice care.  This problem stems from the issue that most hospital units ...

Professional Roles and Values of Nursing

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Part 1 Medical practitioners are faced with specific issues related to medical ethics in their day-to-day delivery of care and decision-making. Ethical principles have, over the years, played a crucial role in the decision-making...

Healthcare Paper

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Part 1: Article. Analyses Qualitative Article Paterson, C., Ledgerwood, K., Arnold, C., Hogg, M., Xue, C., & Zheng, Z. (2015). Resisting Prescribed Opioids: A Qualitative Study of Decision Making in Patients Taking Opioids fo...

Hospice Services

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Hospice is an aspect of care, which aims to offer programs that cater to patients who face life-threatening diseases and their families. It is founded on providing quality services to the clients instead of quantity. Hospice offe...