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Role of Nurses as Change Agents

Words · 1328
Pages · 5
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Introduction Globally, regardless of the healthcare setting, nurses are expected to provide safe and quality care to families. However, constrains of resources including technology sometimes makes it difficult for nurses to provi...

Healthcare and Smartphone Use

Words · 1562
Pages · 6
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Introduction The advancement of technology in the health sector has engendered important strides in the provision of health care services. The service delivery in the health care sector is a focal point requiring the inculcation ...

Christianity Caring versus Nursing Caring

Words · 560
Pages · 2
Rating · 4.9/5
Introduction In general, caring is the act of taking care of those in need or those who are not able to take care of themselves. Caring depends on a person, but in some situations it depends on a profession. In the Christian worl...

Strained Communication With a Health Professional: Reflection

Words · 1642
Pages · 7
Rating · 4.9/5
Description My cousin (Lamia) recently experienced an asthma attack accompanied with chest tightness and very rapid breathing. She was rushed to King Abdulaziz Medical City located in Riyadh by her husband Mohammad. Her breathing...

Nurse Recruitment and Retention Rates in NICU

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Pages · 5
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Introduction It is evident that that the neonatal intensive care unit requires effective strategies for increasing retention rates of nurses. The neonatal intensive care unit at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has been exp...

What Interventions Reduce the Impact of Long Working Hours for Nurses in Care

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Pages · 2
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Outcome: Reduction in the Impact of Insufficiency Regarding Patient Dissatisfaction and Nurse Fatigue Among Others Nurses particularly have to work long hours than in many other professionals due to the increased demand in the he...

Filing and Dealing with Patient Complaints

Words · 913
Pages · 4
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Introduction The advent of managed care saw the healthcare industry become consumer-oriented. Much focus is now being directed towards the patient than ever before. Similar to professionals in other businesses from various sector...


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Pages · 6
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The General Purpose of Conducting Root Cause Analysis Root cause analysis (RCA) refers to a systematic process for the identification of the ‘root causes’ of problems and further provide an approach to address those issues. S...