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Part 1: Starl Reflection Model Situation I took part in the stipulated activity in the course of my studies as a student. Notably, it was a school environment and most of the people within my scope of reach were either students o...

Patient Satisfaction

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Chapter 1 Patient satisfaction is a very important aspect of healthcare. It is a key determinant of the overall quality of care provided in a hospital and is usually part of a hospital’s performance metric. Patient satisfaction...

Nursing Relationship and Care

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Introduction A nurse is a primary caregiver. There is a need for the nurse to create a cordial relationship between her and the patient.  When you know a patient as a caring person, who get to know her personal attributes and ho...

Essay Paper: Leadership in Nursing

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Introduction Distinguishing between a powerful leader and a subject in the workplace is easy and straightforward. From walking, speaking to the look on their faces, people behave in line with their positions whether consciously o...

Impaired Nurses and the Role of Leaders

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IPN Daily Action The Intervention Plan for Nurses (IPN) established in 1984 is a legislative action that mandates the creation of the impaired practitioner program (Avillion, 2018). The Florida Department of Health Initiative enh...

Health Science and Nursing Discussion

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Introduction Over the years, many health-care organizations have been facing a major challenge in regards to the performance of quality healthcare services of nurses and health care patient’s outcomes. According to Anderson, (2...

Incorrect Pain Management In Admitted to Hospitals Patients

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Literature Review The present research focuses on how nurses, who are health practitioners directly in charge of taking care of hospitalized patients, fail to meet the adequacy requirement in the management of pain of hospitalize...

Competencies & Skills Models & Theories

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#1 Benners ‘novice-to-expert model groups the nurses into five categories depending on their knowledge age and competence at work (Thomas & Kellgren, 2017). Therefore in a scenario where the young nurse wants advice on how ...