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Evaluation of the Organization Culture

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There is a lot to learn from the information provided concerning organization culture assessment prior to and after employing the patient-focused care. Right before evaluating the organization culture, the review gives a substantial information as to why conducting patient-focused care is essential. In fact, the analysis of organizational culture cannot yield any meaningful purpose without first focusing the attention on the kinds of services and challenges experienced in healthcare organizations. The problem emanating from the rising number of patients is alarming because reimbursements to take care of such persons is limited. Briefly, there are plenty of competing interests within the healthcare setup that calls for the analysis of patient-focused care and organization culture. It is evident that the registered nurses occupy the most significant niche in the healthcare arena (Cocchi, 2013). In the analysis of perceptions of different caregivers concerning organization culture, registered nurses believe that the organization structure emphasize markets values and adhocracy, separate from other professionals.

As a registered nurse, the information plays a vital role in molding my understanding regarding organizational culture. I am surprised to learn that nurses are the backbone of a thriving healthcare organization. This is because they form ¾ of all the working healthcare providers. Nurses are the professionals who believe in development, innovation, and risk-taking as others hold on to the hierarchical forms of organization. It is true that the nurses’ professional way of executing their duties can be affected by the organization culture governing the healthcare environment (Manojlovich & Ketefian, 2016). This is a clear indication that registered nurses work laboriously than other caregivers do. Irrefutably, the information will help me push for better service provision with regards to harmonized payment so as to execute my duties properly as I work to secure my stand on adhocracy.

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The ability to conduct a study that encompasses professionals from all corners of a healthcare organization serves to strengthen the understanding of organizational culture in relation to patient-focused care. However, there is an area of study to be rectified in actuating the results. In other words, the research should be directed towards bringing a differentiation aspect of responders and non-responders in facilitating useful results.

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