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Correlation in Nursing Research

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Intro The purpose of the study was to “establish if short-term weight loss would have any impact on the control of blood pressure among the obese patients in stage one of hypertension even without any form of treatment” (Ioan...

Reasons for Selection of Articles

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Part 1 The selection of the article by Ling, Robbins & Wen (2016) was based on the fact that it provided a systematic literature reviews in the forms of views of scholars in understanding the relevance of physical activity an...

Cancer Assessment

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Introduction Cancer mortality has been on the increase and there are several factors that have been put in place to deal with this. It has been noted that treatment and frequent screening would help reduce the mortality rates of ...

Fast Food Consumption in Us and Its Incidence and Risks in Obesity

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Introduction The prevalence of obesity in the US continues to increase with each passing year. Over the last decades, statistics point to a worrying trend with regard to the upward progression of obesity, both nationally and glob...

Physical Activity

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Introduction Exercising regularly is necessary for good health and physical fitness as it helps in managing or prevention of health concerns and problems such as obesity, blood pressure, heart diseases and so on.  According to S...

Global Health Issue Policy Brief

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Introduction Obesity has become a critical public health issue that has registered global significance. Particularly, scholars have defined obesity as a global problem that has numerous adverse effects. Many scholars believe that...

Obesity in Northern Sydney

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Significance of Obesity The people of Northern Sydney have to change their perceptions and understanding of what normal weight standards are because a study shows that two out of three Australians are considered to be obese (Dani...

Health Initiative Proposal

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Introduction Healthy living is a core feature of this company and therefore we have decided to come up with an initiative that certainly will change the operations of this company. This initiative aims to facilitate health and pr...