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Chapter One

A worldview refers to worldviews refer to the fundamental orientation that the heart takes and usually expressed as sets of presuppositions about the constitution of reality, providing the basics that one lives. It implies that worldviews are assumptions that might be true, partly true of wholly false (Fallot, 2008). Besides, people may consciously or subconsciously hold them in either consistent or inconsistent ways. Worldviews help people form their values, decisions, and thoughts. Despite most people not knowing what their worldview is, it is important in how people view all of life. Spirituality, on the other hand, refers to experiences that one thinks brings them into contact with the divine status (Fallot, 2008). With spirituality, people often seek significant connections with things bigger than themselves, consequently resulting in peace, positive feelings, acceptance, and satisfaction. Whereas pluralism is the belief that every religion is right, postmodernism asserts that there is an equal claim to the truth by all worldviews and that there is no absolute truth. Scientism, on the other hand, refers to the belief that science can be useful in answering questions about meanings, values and the existence of God (Meilaender, 2013). The following section, therefore, provides an analysis of my worldview.

I base my faith and knowledge of authority, reason, intuition and empirical evidence. I know things using the authority of the Bible, which has always been infallible in its teachings, being a faithful director to what I know and do. Besides, whatever I know is due to the authority of the church that follows the guidelines provided by the Bible. Similarly, I know by use of empirical evidence. The same manner in which I have known to cope with daily life using direct sensory experience, I also know that I have seen a lot of challenges that I have only managed to go through by God’s grace. Also, I know by reason. All my daily experiences and doings all have a purpose, which makes me believe that the existence of the world was not by chance, but intentionally created by God.

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Chapter Two

Secondly, my worldview is that other than just matter, information and energy that we come across in the material world, I have a belief that there is far much more to reality. I believe that the ultimate reality is spiritual and noumenal, from which the phenomenal world is derived, subordinate and dependent. The phenomenal and noumenal realities are distinct but interrelated. Regarding the noumenal, I believe that from God’s mind, which happens to be an event with no physical sense, came the phenomenal reality that we may now see manifested in His creations. Therefore, the world is not self-occurring in my opinion, but rather a phenomenon that arose from the thoughts of God.

In my view, God created everything including man. My belief is that through God’s word, he created everything in the universe, and it is through his word again that everything ends, including the human life (Shelly & Miller, 2009). Therefore, His word forms the source of order and the foundation of why people need to comprehend and follow it. The Bible provides a creation account in Genesis, which is quite clear and precise about how God created the world. However, in my opinion, it is still not meant to provide comprehensive accounts for the creation mechanisms. Even if a literal interpretation of the creation accounts from the Bible might be right, in my view, it is not essential.
As a believer of the Bible, I believe in what the Bible states as taking place in man at death. First, my view is that those who believe in Christ will join Him in heaven, for that is where he is. From his statement to the thief on the cross, He promised to be with the thief in Paradise. Secondly, my worldview is that for the believers, at death, they join heaven, which is a place of splendid glory. Therefore, being together with Christ will be better than what believers undergo on earth. Thirdly, my view is that there are still great experiences even after death and a possibility of living with body and soul in the life after death. Besides, I believe that at death, believers will be cleansed from sin, making them enter heaven, while the non-believers will get separated from God, entering some reality that is entirely God’s grace.

A human being as is the most precious creation that God made, making it look like God himself through likeness and image so as to be in a mutually indwelling and intimate relationship with God. Apart from the duty of taking care of the creation, my view is that he is also a steward for all the other things in the world.

My worldview is that God created the world with both a physical and normative order. Intrinsic values are absolute and objective. Therefore, in my view, the belief that intrinsic value is relative and subjective is entirely wrong. Because people are moral agents, they have an obligation to know how to differentiate right and wrong. The Bible clearly distinguishes what is good and that which is wrong. I believe that to be good means to be created in God’s image because He is the ultimate good. Realizing what is good calls for spirituality that connects man to God, which is only attainable through having faith in God.

Chapter Three

In my view, history, especially that of man is critical to me. First, I recognize that it is from two thousand years ago in human history that we trace the existence of Jesus Christ as a person in this world. The belief that Christ died is itself history, which is significant to my life as he died for my sins. Secondly, the Bible, which is a trustworthy book, has its grounds in human history. Therefore, since Christ is a historical figure and the Bible also documenting the communications of God with man, the history of mankind is important to me. Hence, human history may refer to the whole concepts around the creation of man, how man rebelled against God, God’s redemption plan and finally restoration.


In conclusion, my world view adopts a Christian perspective way of looking at the world. I believe that God created the universe intentionally and that the world did not just occur by chance. I believe that there is more to reality than the physical things we can see. Also, human beings are God’s creation that he loved the most, having created them in his image. However, due to the selfish nature of man, death came about to separate the sinners from the believers. When one dies, believers join God in heaven while sinners eternally separate from His Grace. Having faith in Christ is the only way that people can know what is good or wrong.

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