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The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

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Part 1

The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination is an organization based in Colorado, Denver that supports nurses and professionals concerned with providing quality care for residents in nursing homes. It is important to note that the body is non-profit and founded on membership. It was founded in 1999 and has earned an excellent reputation in the networking of professionals in RAI and MDs processes concerned with long-term care. Over the years, the organization has collected a population membership of more than fourteen thousand seven hundred members. AANAC has been very active in ensuring prosperity in the whole interdisciplinary team through provision of timely and very accurate information.

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The organization has also offered educational chances to a lot of people in the medical field and advocated significantly for legislation. Apart from that, it has provided a certain amount of support to communities. Members of the AANC include highly trained professionals such as, physical therapists, dieticians, social workers, health informants, billing professionals, administrators, practical and vocational nurses that are licensed, nurses assessment coordinators, speech therapists, registered nurses, activities professionals and occupational therapists. AANAC offers excellent opportunities through their online platform. One can easily access information on membership into their community, standards for certification in the gold level, their educational programs and their various conferences and partnerships. Professionals in the long-term care field also access the always changing knowledge in their area. This expertise includes requirements for regulation, policies or legislation, indicators and measures for quality, nurse leadership and management, QIS and traditional survey processes, processes for reimbursement in Medicare and clinical assessment and care planning among others. All these benefits, however, accrue to only members of the AANAC. It goes without doubt that this organization has gone to great extent to improve home-care services and being a member is an asset. They have also embraced technology as they employ the internet as a tool for information and learning. They, therefore, make the process of securing membership and education very reliable and swift. Personally, I would be honored to join these incredible professionals in scaling the heights in the medical and nursing fields.

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Part 2

Joining the AANC puts anyone interested in the medical or nursing team in a position where they have everything to reap. As earlier stated, the organization has played a significant role in networking. One is therefore in an area to interact with people in the same field and share knowledge with peers. Learning, thus, becomes a friendlier journey and a shared experience. AANAC offers one with information to sharpen their skills and relevant updates in arising opportunities in certification. Live webinars and those that are expert-led enjoy free membership from the AANAC. After joining, members’ benefit from a discount of fifty percent on the charges for educational opportunities, fees conference registration, and opportunities for certification. MS requirements and regulations are also synthesized and broken down to relevant information and given as updates to the members. The same is done for the ever-changing pool of knowledge in the long-term care profession. This information is relayed through emails, articles electronic newsletters and discussion feeds.

Their websites and internet capability, therefore, offers members a chance to meet regularly even though not in person. One is thus able to communicate and clarify any points of concern with minimum effort. The AANAC also has an online forum composed of peers who offer any needed advice round the clock. There also consists of a career center in their organizational structure that exposes one to other carries they could probably pursue and an opportunity to employ a new member of the team. Being a member is also an assurance to a membership chance in leading professional associations that are known on a national level. One is too mentored on growing their dimensions in their current careers and even spreading their knowledge through Medias such as blogs and public speaking. In my opinion, the best benefit in their membership package is establishing a group of clinically like-minded professionals who can give needed counsel and support throughout a person’s career.

The opportunity to advocate and volunteer helps one in contributing significantly to the long-term care. Members provide a total of 1$ annually to the LTC Nursing Education Foundation that raises funds to support long-term care nurses access further educational opportunities. They are therefore able to impact more lives through this membership. I would like to pursue a career in MDs coordination. This organization, therefore, offers a very favorable environment to grow professionally. The information and opportunities provided to go hand in hand with the changing times, one is assured of an auspicious career in whatever field they choose to partake. The flexibility in the learning process also ensures that your professional life is not interrupted. The online platforms provide that the time taken to access information is limited and production time maximized. Membership into this organization, therefore, fits very favorably with your profession.

Part 3

The AANAC offers online and studies from home course in MDS, PPS, Medicare reimbursement and any issues involving quality assurance (Collins, 2016). The education standards in AANAC have set a record to reckon with in the long-term care department. They have offered information to MDs relentlessly since 1999.They have likewise grown in other departments. They provide the needed know-how whether you’re looking to increase your knowledge in Long-term care or acquire certification. As stated earlier, the information posted up four members in simplified thus an added advantage to the members. In the resident assessment in the long-term care, the gold standard in RAC-CT certification is recognized in the profession. Individuals who have earned it are considered to be highly skilled in the nursing facility. To achieve this standard, one must complete ten courses that access their knowledge in MDS 3.0, finalize the resident assessment and lastly finish their resident care practices. Those who complete these requirements successfully show a high level of competence. AANAC offers one an opportunity to carry out the above processes. They confer satisfactorily to the standards set by CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The AANAC has focused dramatically in offering nursing education and leadership skills that are relevant to the clinical skills. As earlier stated, AANAC is never failing in providing information regarding various pertinent courses. One can also take –up online classes thus it is an excellent tool for continuity of nursing education. Leadership skills are also instilled in professionals as they learn to work together and with their peers. Through their various journals such as Nursing Leadership; management and leadership styles, they expose the readers to different leadership styles. They analyze different situations and the most applicable form of the command. They also offer the best techniques to use when dealing with different generations such as Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennial among others (Frandsen, 2014). In general, the AANAC has a more continuative approach to the various fields they address. The organization focuses on the continuation of growth in professionals to a level where they can impact change to the nation and world at large.

The AANAC has influenced government decisions nationwide and is focused on advocating and implementing changes in the long-term care countrywide. They have brought changes to quite some communities even in Washington DC. The organization is therefore not limited to any state or society. Personally, I do not know of any professional who is a member in the AANAC. I, however, look up to joining and setting the pace as I said earlier on. In the group, I would very much like to broaden their scholarship opportunities. This idea is not to say that the current support from the funds raised are not enough but the medical field is quite broad thus a lot of input is required. Most medical practitioners lack access to proper equipment, and this would be very beneficial to them. The AANAC advocates for growth even in leadership, I would, therefore, maximize this skills to help those that are less fortunate. This would ensure the development of both the people and the organization. An opportunity at AANAC is a humbling experience for anyone in need of excelling in the medical and nursing fields.

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