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Community Needs and Health Screening Initiative

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Health Model Health brief model is the most employed model in health promotion as well as health education. The theory was developed in 1950 with the aim of explaining the main reason for offering medical screening services that ...

Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

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Factors Increasing HIV Transmission From Mother to Infant Several factors lead to an increased risk in the transmission of HIV from the mother to the child. The transmission occurs during pregnancy, during the breastfeeding perio...

Medicine and Health Sciences

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Part One Women are exposed to many diseases and conditions that interfere with their ability to enjoy a healthy life. Studies indicate that women suffer a higher prevalence rate if sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) than men...

Consumer Health Information Website Analysis

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The purpose of this paper is to apply knowledge of reliable and valid information sources to patient education in clinical nursing practice and to evaluate consumer/patient health information on the Mayo Clinic Website. The Signi...

Health Sciences and Nursing

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Communicable Disease: Measles Measles is a viral disease caused by the rubeola virus. It is spread from one person to another through coughing and sneezing, and is usually transmitted in combination with other diseases. It is one...

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection

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A number of conditions predispose people to urinary catheterization. With proper care, catheterization helps these patients in transition from illness to recovery. However, catheter-associated urinary tract infection results in m...

The Role of the Nurse in Quality and Patient Safety

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Introduction This paper highlights the dangers of allergies according to Nation Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) standards. Allergies are chronic conditions which are indiscriminately dispersed worldwide. The associated symptoms range ...

Epidemiology (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis B)

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Introduction The healthy people 2020 initiative strives to provide a sustainable long-term health for the citizens of the nation by trying to enhance the health of every individual in the country by the year 2020 through differen...