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Quantitative Research Critique

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Population and Sample It was clear from the research paper that the population under study was clearly identified, described and chosen. The number of people used in both the control and the intervention was 25 participants each....

Discussion Questions

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Question 1 Gaps are a help when creating change as they become a justification for the change. The change might be intended at filling the gaps identified to enhance care outcomes. For instance, lack of clinical evidence for the ...

Psychopharmacology Essay

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Question 1 The activity of psychotropic drugs within the nervous system revolves around the interaction of the molecules of these drugs with G-protein-linked receptors and neurotransmitters (Ghanemi, 2015). The interaction of psy...

Response to the Assigned Discussion Questions

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Association Between Breast Cancer and Alcohol Research design:  Chen et al. (2011) used the prospective observational approach of the study to evaluate the association between breast cancer and alcohol in the participants. They ...