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Research Summary Table

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Summary The research question that is addressed comprehensively in the table is “To establish the causes of high labor turnover among nurses.” Information was obtained from quantitative studies conducted on nurses working in ...

Diabetes Type 2 Management in Adults

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Problem Statement Management of Type 2 Diabetes is of massive importance to the people living with the problem as it fosters alleviation of the effects of the condition. However, relevant stakeholders have failed in terms of equi...

Health Sciences and Medicine

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Introduction The research article, “Exposure of Nursing Staff to Radiation in the Operating Room: A Descriptive Study,” is a quantitative and descriptive study which was conducted by interviewing the nurses who worked for ove...

Sampling Plan

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Introduction The research article uses the non-probability sampling plan. As such, the non-probability sampling plan obtains a majority of its control from the evident decision of the investigator. In the use of the non-probabili...

Synthesis and Evaluation of the Research Articles

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Pages · 7
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Review of Research Article Taylor, M. H & Grossberg, G. T. (2012). The Growing Problem of Illicit Substance Abuse in the Elderly: A Review. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord, 14(4) Taylor & Grossberg (2012) came up with this...

Research Article Critique

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Wu, S., Singh-Carlson, S., Odell, A., Reynolds, G., & Su, Y. (2016, July). Compassion Fatigue, burnout, and compassion satisfaction among oncology nurses in the United States and Canada. In Oncol Nurs Forum (Vol. 43, No. 4, p...

Response on HAIs

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The Body Thank you for sharing this great post on Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). I share your concerns on the negative effects of the HAIs on the quality of care give to the patients. You have highlighted the different type...

Quantitative Research Critique

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Pages · 2
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Population and Sample It was clear from the research paper that the population under study was clearly identified, described and chosen. The number of people used in both the control and the intervention was 25 participants each....