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Factors Affecting the Health of Low-Income Single Mothers on Welfare

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Introduction Single mothers are women with children who have to play the roles of both the father and the mother. While some mothers may choose to be single, most of them do not always have a choice, perhaps due to some unforesee...

Etiology and Evidence Base Treatment Approach Utilized For Bipolar Disorder

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Pages · 13
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Introduction The aim of this study is to assess the diagnosis and treatment of approaches to particular mood disorders, bipolar disorder with the overall objective of learning about the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder...

Psychotic Disorder Paper

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Pages · 21
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Abstract Psychotic disorders are the conditions that are usually associated with psychosis, or perceptions and thoughts. Psychotic disorders are severe mental problems, which cause false perceptions and abnormal thinking to the v...

Conflicting Personal and Public Values in Nursing Schizophrenic Pregnant Women

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Pages · 4
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Schizophrenia is one of the most severe mental illnesses that cause impaired interpretation of reality and can lead to disabling daily functionality (Weinberger & Harrison, 2011); pregnancy, on the other hand, is delicate to ...


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Karyotyping refers to a procedure conducted in the laboratory to sort and identify chromosomes in an attempt to learn more about one’s chromosomes and to know someone was born with any type of syndrome (Anon, 2018). Standardize...

Nursing Essay

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Question 1. There are many ways a health care professional can help a partially sighted person to achieve independence. The first way is to help the senior woman learn about low vision aids. There are special optics called low vi...

Identifying and Treating Depression Among Black Teenagers in the United Kingdom

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Pages · 4
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Introduction Public health professionals have for a long time recognized depression as a significant mental health problem with great implications for the emotional wellbeing and physical health of individuals. Among adolescents,...